On Wednesday, 3 August, British daily newspaper The Daily Telegraph offered coverage of a soon to come conference organized by the ACRPS in the Tunisian capital, and which will provide a venue for robust, academic discussion of efforts to internationally isolate Israel through peaceful means. The meeting will be attended by scholars from across the world whose papers were selected through a strict peer review process and which all fall within the broad theme of the global movement to boycott Israel as a means of securing the rights of the Palestinians. 

Contrary to the allegations reprinted without scrutiny in the Telegraph, our conference is not part of a formal political movement. The meeting is no different from everyday attempts by academics across the globe to study pressing political issues. Its academic integrity and independence notwithstanding, the ACRPS is committed to upholding human rights, dignity and the right of self-determination for all peoples.

To read the full text of the rebuttal to the reporting in the Daily Telegraph, please click here.