The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is organizing a conference to be held in Doha on June 14-16, 2014, on Arab-U.S. relations. "The Arab World and the U.S.: Interests and Concerns in a Changing Environment (An Academic Perspective)" forms part of a series of conferences envisaged to address the relationship between the Arab world and a number of key regional and international powers.

As highlighted by the conference background paper, despite extreme hostility on the part of Arab public opinion towards American policy, particularly in regards to the Palestinian issue, Arab relations with the United States remain richly complex, with the United States enjoying a large number of allies in the Arab region.

The conference will seek to untangle the complexities of this relationship in all of its differing facets, assessing the transformations that have taken place since the first interactions between Arabs and the United States, some two centuries ago. About forty American and Arab research scholars will have ample opportunity to discuss the many issues and challenges for research on Arab-American relations.

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Conference Registration   

Please note: for persons residing outside of Qatar, the final deadline for registration for this conference is Sunday, 1 June.

Persons wishing to attend the conference who have not received an invitation may register and attend upon payment of the registration fee of three hundred US Dollars ($300), inclusive of conference hospitality and tote bag. Attendees must cover travel expenses, in-country transportation, and hotel accommodation. The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has discounted room rates at the Ritz Carlton Hotel available to attendees.

Registration Procedures

Persons wishing to register should email their CV to events@dohainstitute.org, and transfer their registration fees to the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. Hotel accommodation rates are to be paid directly to the hotel.

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Entry Visa

Entry visas will be issued to prospective participants after registration fees have been paid.

For further information please contact events@dohainstitute.org