The energy issue is one of great importance to the Arab World. Serious questions are being raised about how to manage the period after peak oil and peak gas, as well as energy consumption, efficiency and sustainable development. To confront these challenges, radical change is needed in energy systems and models of consumption, as well as promotion of clean, renewable, sustainable energy. This in turn requires a collective effort to develop and efficiently implement public and private policies and to produce studies and research, particularly in the fields of innovation and forecasting. The third edition of Istishraf has thus been dedicated to the topic ‘Forecasting the Future of Energy.’

This edition comprises three sections: studies, translations, and reviews. The studies section includes ten studies which through research and analysis consider the problems of energy sources in the Arab World, not neglecting to study the future of energy globally and its technological transformation. The translations section focuses on clean and renewable energy and its role in the future of the energy market. The reviews section, meanwhile, presents review and discussion of the most important books recently published in the field.

You can find selected studies and reviews from the new third issue of Istishraf available for download on the website. The other contents of this edition are also available for purchase, while the contents of all previous issues are freely available and downloadable.