The ACRPS is pleased to officially announce its establishment of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), an independent institute for learning and research in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Public Administration, based in Doha, Qatar. It is scheduled to launch in the Fall of 2015.

The preparatory stages of the DI project commenced in late 2011, borne of ACRPS recognition of the urgent need to prepare a new generation of enlightened young Arab scholars, critical thinkers, and future leaders in the various fields offered in the social sciences and humanities, as well as forward-thinking professional public servants that serve the Arab region. The use of the Arabic language will be central to the DI in an endeavor to enhance its use as a professional and scientific communication medium commensurate to other international languages in its precision and responsiveness to world needs.

In this vein, the DI’s mission is to bring together outstanding faculty and graduate students from the Arabic speaking world and beyond for the purpose of carrying out critical studies and research in the fields of: Philosophy, History, Arabic Language and Linguistics, Political Science, Economics of Development, Sociology and Anthropology, Legal Studies, and Media Studies. In addition to the School of the Social Sciences and Humanities, which will house the above-mentioned disciplines, the DI will also host a School of Public Administration and Policy. Programs will start at the master’s level with the aim of introducing a doctorate program within the following years.

For further information on the DI’s mission, academic priorities, and programs please visit: http://project.dohainstitute.org/english.