The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has published a new book by Egyptian scholar Ibrahim al-Issawi, entitled Social Justice and Development Models (398 pages). The book documents inequality as seen in disparities in income distribution and wealth in Egypt, the Arab world, and internationally. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the decline of welfare policies in developed countries, as they shifted to the market economy and reduced government social spending, have compounded these disparities. The author strives to build an understanding of social justice consonant with the human aspiration to combat injustice, and to this end, he presents a variety of conceptual formulations, investigating each in turn. He notes that the concept of social justice is so intertwined with that of comprehensive sustainable development that one cannot expect for it to be achieved in a short period of time or all at once. Rather, new models of development are needed that can allow for obstacles that impede the realization of social justice, such as government policies and regulations, to be cleared away.

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