On 7 March 2020, the nineteenth meeting of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies board of directors discussed the Arab Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities. The board expressed appreciation for the important role played by the Social Sciences and Humanities conference held by the Arab Center every two years, which has become a central and catalytic event for researchers, and an important factor in the development of research agendas and academic traditions. The meeting resulted in decisions based on the experiences of previous years as follows:

  1. The name of the Arab Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities will be amended, becoming “The Arab Prize for the Advancement of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities” in order to better reflect the purpose of the award.
  2. The award will be eligible to be won by one or more papers presented at the Social Sciences and Humanities Conference (with the researcher's approval of the nomination), without first, second and third prize titles.
  3. The objective selection process for the winners at the center will continue as usual.
  4. The prize consists of three components:
  5. A financial reward.
  6. A research grant to develop the study into a research project. The grant will be disbursed and followed up according to ACRPS research grant criteria.