The 27th edition of Tabayyun has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue includes a special selection of articles on Ethics and Genomics, taking an Islamic perspective. This includes two ethics articles: "Sharia Scholars and Modern Medical Advancements: Ethical Challenges in the Age of Genomics as Example" by Mohammed Ghaly, and "The Ethical Limits of Genetic Intervention: Genetics in Philosophical and Fiqh Discourse" by Mu'taz Alkhatib. It also contains important Fiqh studies: "Genomics in the Light of Scriptural References in the Quran and Sunna" by Abdullah bin Yusuf al-Jedaie and "The Role of Genetic Testing in the Preservation of Lineage" by Mohammed Naeem Yassin.

Selected articles from this and the previous edition are available for free download at the Tabayyun Website along with open access past issues of the journal.