Siyasat Arabia is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to international relations, strategic affairs, political science and public policy. Siyasat Arabia publishes works enrich the debate on the most pressing issues affecting Arab citizens. The journal serves as a resource for researchers, policy makers, activists and students of the political issues which affect the Arab region. Siyasat Arabia also aims to reach non-specialist readers without ever compromising on the highest academic standards.

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"US Goals and Strategies toward the Arab World", by Marwan Bechara, published in Siyasat Arabia 1, March, 2013

"The Justice and Development Party’s Experience of Governance in Morocco", Mohammad Basek Manar, published in Siyasat Arabia 2, May/June, 2013

"The Israeli Policy of Nuclear Ambiguity", by Mahmoud Muharreb, published in Siyasat Arabia 2, May/June, 2013