The ACRPS political science journal, Siyasat Arabiya, has concluded its 2-day symposium looking at “The State of Political Science and International Relations in Arab Countries.” The symposium was held remotely using Zoom and livestreamed across the Arab Center social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), with the public invited to take part through pre-registration.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021 saw the second day of the symposium, with the third session looking at teaching political science and international relations in Arab countries, under the moderation of DI professor Omar Ashour. Basil Salloukh and May Darwish presented the first paper on “Policies of Teaching International Relations in Arab Countries,” while Hassan Al-Hajj Ali Ahmed and Yasser Awad Abdullah offered their intervention “Teaching Political Science in Sudanese Universities.”

The fourth and final session looked at Research and Methods in Arab Political Science, moderated by Abdelfattah Mady. Abdul Karim Amenkai and Alan Oskan discussed their paper, “The Marginalization of the Quantitative Approach in Arab Political Science: between Epistemological Apprehension and Lost Research Opportunities.” Khalil Al-Anani followed with “The Challenge of Crossing Disciplines in Arab Political Science,” and Lokman Maghraoui and Hajira Bouzid presented “The Reality of Political Science Writing in Algeria and Iraq: a bibliometric study of the Algerian and Iraqi Portals for Academic Journals from 2010-2020.” Amal Hamada closed the symposium with “The Evolution of the Relationship of Gender with Political Science in Egypt: Background and Transformations.”