The second issue of Siyasat Arabia, a bi-monthly journal on geostrategic affairs published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS),  was published at the beginning of May 2013. The new issue includes a number of monographs, research papers, book reviews, opinion polls, and studies, comprising: "The European Union and the Arab Spring," by Bishara Khader; "Islamists and the Challenges Posed by Popular Support in Egypt," by Marwa Fikri; "The Israeli Knesset Elections," by Mohannad Mustafa; "Syria's Armed Opposition: Clarity of Objective and Lack of Vision," by Marwan Kabalan; "Israel's Policy of Nuclear Ambiguity," by Mahmoud Muhareb; "The Justice and Development Party's Experience of Moroccan Government," by Mohammed Bassel Manar; "Iraq: Protests and the Regime's Political Crisis," by Yahya al-Kubaisi; and "The Syrian Revolution: The First Days," by Fawaz Haddad. 

The book reviews featured in the second issue include: The Secession of South Sudan: Risks and Opportunities, reviewed by Ahmad Abu Shouk; The Islamist Solution in Jordan, reviewed by Khaled Walid Mahmoud; The Syrian Crisis: The Social and Economic Roots and Impacts, reviewed by Ali Abdelgadir Ali; and A Nation in Arms: The Rise and Fall of the Israeli Military Reserves, reviewed by Mahmoud Muhareb.

In addition, this issue includes a survey of the turning points in the path to democratization in the Arab Homeland, an appraisal of Palestinian affairs, and a summary of findings from the ACRPS 2012 Arab Opinion Index, an annual poll of Arab public opinion conducted by the Center. The report is authored by Dr. Mohammad al-Masri, Head of ACRPS' Arab Opinion Index project.