Continuing a tradition of academic conferences that examine relations between the Arab states and regional and international actors, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies will convene an academic conference to study Russo-Arab relations on May 23-24, 2015. The meeting, to be held at Doha’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, will focus on renewed Russian involvement in the Arab region following a two-decade hiatus. Participants at the conference will be asked to examine the development of Arab relations with Russia in light of Moscow’s attitudes towards the Arab Spring and how this compares and contrasts to nearly a century of ties between the two sides. In particular, participants are invited to examine the transformation of Russo-Arab relations from a situation founded on ideology and Cold War polarization to one based on pragmatic considerations, specifically energy politics, and Russian animosity towards political Islamists.

A full exposition of the conference Background Paper and the themes to be discussed can be found here.

Scholars who wish to take part in the conference should send abstracts of roughly 300 words to: abbad.yehya@dohainstitute.org

Abstracts should be received no later than Sunday, February 8. Scholars whose abstracts are accepted for submission will be expected to complete a final draft no later than April 25, 2015.

Note to authors interested in participating: Please also ensure to abide by the Center's Submission Guidelines, and to include a brief biographical note in your emails.