Tabayyun’s sixth issue, Translation and the Development of the Arabic Language, has been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.  The peer-reviewed quarterly, now in its second year of publication, is edited by Azmi Bishara and features the following articles:  “Translation and the Development of Arabic: Two Sides of the same Coin” by Hassan Hamza; “The Impact of Translation on the Evolution of the Arabic Language” by Ali Najib Ibrahim; “The Role of Bilingual Dictionaries in the Arabic Translation Movement:  The Case of Barthélemy’s Dictionary” by Nader Siraj; “The Fate of Translations of the Sciences in Arabic Culture since Muhammad Ali: An Attempt at the Study of the Policy of Translations” by Thaer Deeb; and “Translation and the Renewal of Philosophy in the Arabic Language” by Salih Misbah.

The issue contains two major studies: “Novelistic and Literary Representations of Political Repression in Syria,” by Nabil Suleiman, and “Cinematic Culture in Syria: Between Mechanisms of Repression and Resistance” by Hassan Abbas. The journal’s From the Library contains a review by Benedict Anderson, “Research into Western and Eastern Nationalism: Is there an important difference?” and, in the Reviews and Debates, Mona Sukkarieh reviews Theories of Nationalism: A Critical Introduction by Umut Ozkirimli; Shamsuddin al-Kilani reviews Hani Awwad’s Transformations in the Concept of Arab Nationalism; and Mahmoud Muhareb reviews The Shoah, Rebirth and the Nakba by Yair Auron. Ziad Matta presents a brief synopsis of a number of important Arabic and foreign language works. Finally, the Reports section offers an account of the Second Annual Conference on Islamists and Democratic Governance: Islamist Movements and Questions of Citizenship, the Nation, and the State.