The third issue of the ACRPS's Siyasat Arabia, a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed journal that specializes in political science, international relations, and public policy, is now released. The current issue includes studies, articles, and reports, including: "Contemplations into the Political Experience of the Justice and Development Party in Morocco" by Rachid Muqtadir; "Shale Oil in the United States: A Revolution on the Horizon" by Zoheir Hamedi; "Israel and the Horn of Africa" by Mahmoud Muhareb; "The Restructuring of the Yemeni Army" by Adil al-Shurbagi; "The Road to Geneva and US Policy Setbacks" by the ACRPS's Syrian Studies Unit; "Changes in the International System and their Repercussions on the Arab Revolutions" by Nerouz Satik and Ahmad Qasim Husain; "Egyptian Foreign Policy after the January Revolution" by Amr Abdul Ati; "Illiteracy and its Effect on Voting Behavior in Egypt" by Ahmad al-Maghazi; "Arab Public Opinion Trends Regarding other Arab Peoples and Inter-Arab Relations" by Mohammad al-Masri; and "What did Iraq do to Prevent the Outbreak of War?" by Naji Sabri. The issue also includes texts on democratic transition in the Arab world, Palestinian events, and reviews of the following books: The Virtual Public Sphere in the Syrian Revolution, written by Hamzeh al-Moustafa and reviewed by Wissam al-Nasir; The Yemeni Revolution: The Background and the Horizons, reviewed by Khalid Waleed al-Mahmoud; The Crisis of Rule in Sudan, written by Atta al-Hasan al-Bathani and reviewed by Elnour Hamad; The Question of Syria's Kurds, reviewed by Hamzeh al-Moustafa; Energy and its Influence on Russian Foreign Policy, reviewed by Zoheir Hamedi.

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