The sixth issue of the ACRPS’s Siyasat Arabia (January 2014) has been published; this issue of the journal, a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed journal that specializes in political science, international relations, and public policy in the Arab world, features the following studies and articles: “Saudi-American Relations: Alliance Unraveling or Redefined?” by Marwan Kabalan; “Unprecedented Settler Attacks are the Netanyahu Government’s Sole Project” by Mahmoud Muhareb; “Moroccan-Algerian Relations: The Geo-Strategic Knot” by Walid Abd al-Hayy; “How will the Conflict between Erdogan and Gulen Affect the Turkish Political Scene?” by the ACRPS’s Policy Analysis Unit; “The Iranian Nuclear Agreement: Necessity, Self-Interest, and a Change in Tune” by Fatimah Samadi; “Iran and the Geneva Agreement: Legitimacy Renewed or Meeting the Latest Challenge?” by Mahjoob al-Zweiri; “Regional and International Implications of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement” by Ibrahim Sharqieh; “Confessionalism and Civil War’s Fuse in Yemen” by Anwar ben Qasim al-Khudary; “The Political Scene in Tunisia: The Long Road to Concord” by Anwar al-Jamawi; “The Ramifications of Designating the Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Group” by the ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit; “Are State and Society in Egypt Ready for Transitional Justice and National Reconciliation?” by Rawiya al-Tewfiq; “Egyptian Media Strategies During Mohammad Morsi’s Rule and Following the Coup” by Osama al-Rashidi; “The Role of the International Criminal Court in Punishing Crimes of Aggression in Light of the  Kampala Amendments” by Shamama Khairuddine; “Brazil and the Arab Spring Revolutions” by Sudfah Mahmoud; and “Public Opinion Trends Regarding State Institutions” by Mohammad al-Masri.

The journal also chronicles the most significant milestones of democratic transition in the Arab world, and the latest Palestinian developments. The book review section features a number of reviews, including Salma Mousa’s review of Soldiers, Spies and Statesmen: Egypt’s Road to Revolt by Hazem Kandil. The issue also contains a summary of the ACRPS’s Second Annual Conference of Arab Research Centers, which focused on present and future issues surrounding Palestine and the Palestinian state, and another on an ACRPS seminar detailing future shifts in Syrian democratic rule.