The ACRPS has recently published the fifth issue of Siyasat Arabia, a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed journal that specializes in political science, international relations, and public policy in the Arab world. This issue, released for November 2013, features the following studies and articles: “The Russian-American Agreement for Syrian Chemical Weapons Disarmament” by Saleh al-Naamani; “The Chemical Deal: The Way Out Obama Needs” by the ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit; “After the Chemical Deal: An Attempt to Rehabilitate al-Assad?” by the ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit; “The American-Iranian Rapprochement: Background and Prospects for its Success” by the ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit; “Israeli Concerns over Possible US-Iranian Rapprochement” by the ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit; “Relations between Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah and their Impact upon the Lebanese State” by Marwa al-Badri; “The Morale Factor in Gulf Cooperation Council States and its Impact on the Assessment of State Strength” by Nawar Hashem; “The al-Nusra  Front: From its Founding to Current Divisions” by Hamzeh al-Moustafa; ”Egyptian Soft Power: Between Ascendancy to Retreat” by Ahmad Abu Zeid; “Transitional Justice and Political Transformations in Morocco” by Kamal Abdullatif; “Pillars of China’s Foreign Policy in Africa” by Tawfiq Abdulsadeq; “Cyber-attacks and the Internet” by Khaled Walid Mahmoud; “Resolving Environmental Disputes According to International Law” by Shakrani al-Hussein; “Public Opinion and the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” by Mohammad al-Masri. The journal also chronicles the most significant milestones of democratic transition in the Arab world and the latest Palestinian developments. The book review section features Hamzeh al-Moustafa’s review of Dr. Azmi Bishara’s Syria: A Path from Suffering to Freedom (2011 - 2013); Khaled al-Aswar’s review of the book Egypt and its Islamic Movements after the January 25 Revolution; Walid Khaled Ahmed’s review of Muayyad al-Wandawi’s The Hashemite Union in British Documents; and Saheem al-Thani’s presentation of A Line in the Sand by James Barr.