The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has published the twenty first issue of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. The issue is comprised of the following studies: “Arab Young Women Migration to the Promised Paradise: An Attempt to Understand” (Aicha Teyeb); “Arab Youth Migration to the EU: A Critical Reading of European Migration Policy” (Mohamed Khachani); “The Demographic Gift in the Arab World: a Blessing or a Time Bomb for Morocco?” (Ibrahim Elmorchid); " The Image of Young Arab Refugees in the German Press: Der Spiegel as a Case Study" (Zouheir Soukah); " Skilled Migration from Algeria 1991-2015: Tapping the Benefits" (Chakr Drif); " Lost and Fractured Identities: A Case Study of the Borgerhout Neighborhood in Antwerp" (Mohamed Saadi) and “The Sociology and Anthropology of Genocide” by Adam Jones (Translated by Lahay A. Hussain).

This and earlier editions of Omran are available at the ACRPS electronic bookstore.


The book review section includes Hussain Bokubar on “The Concept of People: Conservative Views and Emancipatory Trends” and Tayssir Raddawi on Taher Hamdi Kanaan and Hazim Rahahleh’s “The State and the Market Economy: Readings in Privatization Policies and their International and Arab Experiences”. In the report section, Brahim El Kadiri Boutchich covers the International Conference on ‘Migration Movements in the Maghreb and their Current Expansion’.