The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has published the 28th issue (Spring 2019) of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences. This edition tackles "Hybrid Modernity in the Arab Gulf: Questions of State and Society" and includes the following studies: "Transformations of Manama: Equations of Demography, Islamization and Commercialization" by Nader Kadhim; "The New Gulf Urban: Test Beds, Work-arounds, and the Limits of Enacted Cities" by Harvey Molotch and Davide Ponzini; "A Primer to Social Conflict in Kuwait: Voting on Economic Legislation in the Kuwaiti National Assembly 2006-2012" by Luai Ali and "Social Networks and Communication Culture in Hybrid Societies: A Reading in the Role of Twitter in Qatar" by Ahmed Atyq. Featured in the Translation Section is Thaer Deeb's Arabic rendition of William H. Sewell, Jr's A Theory of Structure: Duality, Agency, and Transformation. Various book reviews are also featured in Omran 28 including: Abdou Moussa's review of Modernism in the Arabian Gulf: Transformations of Society and the State by Baqer Alnajjar; Courtney Freer's review of Bedouins into Bourgeois: Remaking Citizens for Globalization by Calvert Jones; Courtney Freer's review of "Money, Markets, and Monarchies: The Gulf Cooperation Council and the Political Economy of the Contemporary Middle East " by Adam Hanieh; and Baqer Alnajjar's review of Exporting Wealth and Entrenching Alienation: A History of Productive Imbalance in the Gulf States by Omar El Shehabi.

The journal is available for purchase at the Omran website where selected studies and reviews are also available for free download.