The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has announced the themes for the Third Arab Prize in the Social Sciences in Humanities. Nominations are now open, and candidates may submit their work to be considered within one of the two following themes: "The Stages of Historical Transition: the Trajectory of the Arab Revolutions"and "Developmental Policies and the Challenges Posed by the Revolution to Arab Countries".

In addition to the previous categories of the Arab Prize, the Center also announces the creation of a further prize to recognize the work of Arab scholars that has previously been published in refereed academic journals in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and German. 

The Arab Prize was first awarded in 2011, and is a tool used by the ACRPS to encourage Arab researchers-whether living within the Arab countries or abroad-to produce high-quality scholarship in the social and human sciences that addresses questions related to the unfolding developments within Arab societies.