The July 2014 edition of Siyasat Arabia is the ninth edition of the bi-monthly policy journal published by the ACRPS. This latest edition of Siyasat Arabia includes the articles: “Iraq: the End of the Post-Invasion Concord” by Abdulwahhab Al Qassab; “The 2014 Parliamentary Elections in Iraq: An Analytical View of the Results Compared to Predictions” by Humaid Al Hashemi; “War: Legalization Versus Banning” by Shumama Kheireddine; “The Triumph of Geography at the Eastern Gate to Europe: Ukraine as a Flashpoint of Conflict” by Emad Kaddoura; “The Role of Women in the Muslim Brotherhood: a Review of the Factors and Transformations Following the Ouster of Mohammed Morsi” by Hani Sulieman; “Political Modernity and Political Modernizing: a Theoretical Approach to Overcoming the Gap” by Khaled Yamout; “Ideology and Identity of the Nation-State in the Aftermath of the Revolutions: from the Concurrence of the State and Nation to the State of its Citizens” by Hassan Tareq; “An Analysis of the Decline to Model the Impact of Oil Production on Democracy Understood through the Curse of Resources” by Dahman Abdulhaq and Jawahara Idriss; “Syria’s Presidential Elections Dash all Remaining Hopes of a Political Solution” and “Understanding the American Government’s Response to the Palestinian Consensus Government” both by the ACRPS’ Policy Analysis Unit; and “Attitudes of Syrian Refugees and Displaced Persons towards the Presidential Elections and Wider Current Affairs in Syria” a publication by the Arab Opinion Index team.


In addition to the above articles, the ninth issue of Siyasat Arabia features a number of book reviews, including: Mohammed Taifouri’s review of The Spirit of Democracy: The Struggle to Build Free Societies Throughout the World by Larry Diamond and translated into Arabic by Abdelnour Khorafi; Alaa Bayoumi’s review of Rage Against the Machine: Political Opposition to Authoritarianism in Egypt written by Holger Albrecht; Khaled Mahmoud’s review of Turkey and Russia: from the Tradition of the Past to the Horizons of the Future written by Muammar Al Khouli; Nerouz Satik’s review of Protest Movements in the Arab Homeland: Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Bahrain, an ACRPS publication with collected writings from a number of authors. Ziad Mona reviewed both Scott Anderson’s Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East (translated from English into Arabic), and The Saudi Arabian Nationalist Movement: 1953-1973 by Sayed Ali Al Awami.

Finally, this issue of Siyasat Arabia also includes a chronological breakdown of significant steps taken toward democratization in the Arab World, as well as a background briefing on Palestinian affairs through May and June, 2014. Alongside these regular features, it also includes the proceedings of the ACRPS academic symposium on the 2014 Ukrainian crisis.


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