The Research and Policy Studies Unit within the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) would like to make clear to all concerned researchers and authors interested in submitting their work in consideration for publication, either electronically or in print form, by the ACRPS, that there a number of technical and academic criteria which must be fulfilled by the relevant work, before it can be published by the Center. The following list is meant to serve as a series of guidelines to help authors understand the criteria mentioned above, to avoid confusion about the length of time it takes to publish a document through the ACRPS:

1) The Research and Policy Analysis Unit will notify all authors within two days of receipt of their work.

2) The Academic Committee within the Research and Policy Analysis Unit will work to determine which works are acceptable for publication, based on a first reading. Some works will be deemed to be unfit for publication if they do not meet the criteria for publication. Those works which are deemed to be fit for publication will be submitted to selected referees, who are recognized authorities within their fields, for the purposes of a more rigorous academic assessment of the work.

3) Following the Referees' assessments, the Research and Policy Analysis Unit shall notify all concerned authors of how their work has been judged: It may be selected for publication as it is; amendments and changes may be required; or the work may be deemed to be entirely unfit for publication by the Center.

4) The ACRPS reserves the right to ask authors to revise their work before publication by the Center; the Research and Policy Analysis Unit will inform authors of any changes which need to be made to a text before it can be published.

5) Once a text is in a state deemed fit for publication, the Research and Policy Analysis Unit forwards the text to the Editing Department for consideration. The publication of the document will then commence, pending the Department's own internal timelines for publications, commensurate with international standards of academic publishing worldwide.

NB: In line with international standards of academic publishing, the ACRPS does not make payments to any authors whose work is published by the Center.

Announcement: The ACRPS is proud to announce that it will soon begin publishing two separate journals in the Social Sciences (to be called Omran) and in the Humanities (Tabbayun). Works which the ACRPS accepts for publication in line with the above guidelines for online and print publications may also be published in one of these two journals. Academic advisory boards for each of these two journals are already in place.