The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is organizing its first annual conference from March 24 to March 26, 2012. The event is intended to be a leading intellectual gathering of social scientists and humanists from various parts of the Arab Homeland. This conference will be dedicated to explore two problematic themes which are the following:

  1. Growth without development: which development policies to be adopted by the Arab countries?
  2. Identity and language in the Arab Homeland.

A total of 50 to 60 research papers will be presented to the conference panels, covering both themes, separately and simultaneously. For each topic, ACRPS is currently setting up a scientific committee which are expected to be launched in mid August.

Best paper awards [ACRPS award which was launched in March 2011], will be distributed to four senior researchers and four young researchers during the conference closing session. Screening candidates has been implemented and researchers started their research projects based on the proposals which have been approved.

The conference will bring together ACRPS researchers, guests, award winners, as well as a select of prominent Arab scholars and experts.

Participation in the conference is either by invitation, or based on submitted contributions which have been subjected to a double-blind peer-review process to be presented by the authors at the conference.

 The ACRPS administration will announce shortly the call for papers as well as the terms and conditions regarding attendance at the conference, for both participants and guests.

As of April 2012, both 2012-2013 award themes as well as the fellowship program will be announced.