The ACRPS will publish the 2017-2018 results of the annual Arab Opinion Index on Wednesday 9 May, at a press conference held by the Arab Opinion Index Unit at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha. The conference will reveal the most prominent shifts in the attitudes of Arab public opinion this year. The index is an annual survey carried out by the Center in the region, in order to identify the attitudes of Arab public opinion towards various economic, social, and political issues, including public opinion attitudes towards democracy, citizenship values, and notions of equality and civic and political participation.

The respondents provided an assessment of their general situation, the general conditions of their countries, an evaluation of the official institutions of these countries, their level of trust in them, and public opinion trends towards the policies of international and regional powers. The 2017/2018 survey sample reached 18,830 respondents. The groundwork for the survey was undertaken between December 2017 and April 2018, by a group of 865 field researchers, half of whom were women.

The index's continuation over 7 years provides an opportunity to monitor changes in public opinion and how they are affected by the development of the Arab region. This survey is the largest and widest ranging of its kind, both in terms of the number of years and countries covered, the size of the sample, and the number of variables monitored. It provides an invaluable service to academic institutions and researchers, who use this data for their studies on Arab societies.