The ACRPS's peer-reviewed yearbook devoted to forecasting and futurology, Istishraf, invites researchers to submit academic papers for the upcoming special issue on "Critical Readings of Israeli Forecasting". Hitherto, Israeli visions, strategies and future studies did not enjoy sufficient critical academic Arab study nor serious Arab epistemological attention. This has resulted in a deficiency: the failure of the Arab academy to engage critically with Israeli approaches to forecasting and futurology.

Istishraf  welcomes research proposals on "Critical Readings of Israeli Forecasting" which offer new approaches or which offer value in their presentation of novel results. In-principle acceptance of papers is contingent on an acceptance of the proposals. Complete drafts of accepted proposals will further be subject to an academic refereeing/peer review process.

Authors interested in submitting their work to this upcoming special edition should send proposals, together with their academic CVs, by email to: istishraf@dohainstitute.org, no later than 20 September 2018. Completed drafts should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words. Work in either Arabic or English will be accepted; submitted, accepted works in English will be translated into Arabic before publication in Istishraf.

For further details, please refer to the Background Paper for Special Issue