An ACRPS academic conference exploring the extent of Indo-Arab relations will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 May 2018 . “Indo-Arab Relations: the Evolving Dynamics with a Rising Power” will be held at the ACRPS premises in Doha. The event forms part of an ongoing series of academic conferences focusing on the relationship between Arabs and other civilizations.  Participants at the meeting will explore the historical, cultural and academic aspects of the Indo-Arab relationship. Additionally, participants will explore questions rising from the large communities of migrants from India and the Indian subcontinent in the Gulf Arab states and the political, strategic, military and energy aspects of relations between the Arab region and the Indian subcontinent.

In keeping with the ACRPS’ policy of expanding public debate to all members of society, the two-day meeting will be open to the public, and simultaneous translation between Arabic and English will be made available throughout.

To read the agenda of proceedings, please click here.

To read the background paper explaining the motivation behind the meeting, please click here.