anuOn Saturday, 6 February 2021, the ACRPS academic journal editorial boards held their annual meeting under the chairmanship of Azmi Bishara, Director General of the Arab Center. Also present was the Head of the Research Department, the Academic Editor, the Executive Director, Head of the Editing department, and the journal editorial boards as well as the rest of the editing staff. This meeting was held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ACRPS currently publishes 6 peer-reviewed Arabic-language journals: Siyasaat Arabiya (politics), Istishraf (future studies), Tabayyun (philosophy and culture studies), Omran (social sciences), Ostour (history), Hikama (administration and public policy). The Center also publishes the English language journal Almuntaqa, to provide access to peer-reviewed studies in translation.

Each journal board presented their activities and progress during 2020, the extent of their work on linguistic and academic editing and peer-review, the challenges facing their work, the reach and rate of citation of published studies, including the electronic stats. Each editorial board presented its plans for the year ahead, including studies, seminars, projects, and other developments to expand their readership.