The ACRPS journal editorial boards, chaired by general manager Azmi Bishara, held their annual meeting on 23 December 2018. The journal editors for Siyasat Arabiya, Tabayyun, Omran, Ostour, Istishraf and AlMuntaqa were all in attendance along with the managing and secretarial editors of each journal. The managers of each journal presented a progress assessment and explained its potential for improvement in the language, style and quality of the peer-reviewed journals.  Discussions also covered the challenges posing the periodicals, academic editorial review for texts received by the boards, as well as the reach of periodicals and the correct citiation of references. 

The meeting discussed the programs of future periodicals, the thematic direction, the plans for developing and expanding their publication, and the number of website visits for each journal. The websites allow visitors to interact by sending their contributions to the periodicals' secretaries. This year, the Arab Center began publishing AlMuntaqa, an English language journal which is dedicated to social sciences and humanities and is supervised by a team of researchers. The journal aims to disseminate a diverse range Arab knowledge to non-Arabic speaking academics and researchers around the world.