The 7th ACRPS Social Sciences and Humanities Conference, to be held in Doha between 23 and 25 March 2019, will be launched with lectures by Abdellah Hammoudi and Azmi Bishara on research methodology in the social sciences and humanities.

The first day of the conference will open with a lecture by Dr Hammoudi, Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University, while the second day will begin with a lecture by Dr Bishara, the General Director of the ACRPS.

A total of 72 papers will be presented at this year's conference by a diverse range of participants on many topics, dealing with various aspects of research methodology in the social sciences and the humanities and their various subfields, including philosophy, epistemology, sociology, anthropology, history, geography, economics, politics and psychology.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Conference is a specialist academic conference which provides an opportunity for researchers and thinkers to get to know one another and exchange ideas and hypotheses. Topics are chosen in accordance with the Center's mission of encouraging Arab researchers to set the agenda of research in the Arab World according to the needs and particularities of Arab societies, and to encourage applied studies without getting lost in them, taking theory into account.