Within the context of the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language Project, the ACRPS organized a workshop entitled: “The Use of Information Technologies in the Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language” on September 21-22 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Doha.

The workshop examined the best and most recent IT achievements in the area of building and designing linguistic codes, exploring data processing programs, dictionary editing systems, and electronic publication. The workshop was attended by a number of prominent experts in electronic data processing in the Arabic language. During the workshop, concrete models were presented during three sessions.

The first session examined the linguistic data code of the Historical Dictionary, including its structure methodology and processing tools that will retrieve the lexicon’s content. The session also presented the automatic recognition systems of Arabic documents to show the project’s efficiency.

The second session focused on the automated processing of the linguistic code, and tackled the editing of its content. The researchers referred to comparative studies to discuss the tagging tools that will be used in the linguistic code, the automated Arabic indexing, grammar analysis programs, mechanisms for solving morphological term confusion within context, and context clarification and semantic analysis tools. This presentation aimed to reveal the efficiency of the tools to be adopted, their availability, and their development prospects. This session also included the systems of lexicographic editing, their efficiency in dictionary editing, and a recommendation on the proper Arabic editing system for the Historical Dictionary project.

The third session centered on the dictionary’s electronic publication, as well as how to design the dictionary’s electronic portal. Similar electronic experiences were presented, and their use was assessed on how to benefit the Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language.

The ACRPS laid the groundwork for the Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language Project 18 months ago, prior to holding its first scientific council’s meeting and the project’s launching on May 25, 2013.