The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is convening a conference on "Christian Arabs in the Greater Arab East: Determinants of Continuity, Emigration and Forced Migration", October 21-22, 2017, in Auditorium II of the Cultural Foundation building in the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

This conference continues the Arab Center's mission of monitoring social and cultural transformations having an impact on the identity of Arab states, and includes the participation of a cohort of Arab researchers with expertise in Arab Christianity. It will examine the historical background and social realities of Christians in the Arab Mashreq, along with the economic and political reasons for their migration to other countries.

Given the importance and the present-day urgency of this subject, the Arab Center will open the proceedings to the public in Doha.

A conference agenda can be viewed online here.  To view the formal public invitation, please click here.


Simultaneous translation between Arabic and English will be available for all sessions and the keynote lecturers within this conference.