The March 2015 edition of Siyasat Arabia is the thirteenth edition of the bi-monthly public policy journal published by the ACRPS, and marks the commencement of the journal’s third year of publication. This latest edition includes the articles: “Interpreting US-European and Russian Policy towards the Ukrainian Crisis” by Mohammed Matawa; “The Constitutional Crisis in Libya: Dimensions of the Conflict between Contending Political Components” by Khayri Omar; “The Coalition Government in Tunisia: Interpreting the Profiles, the Implications and the Challenges” by Anwar al-Jamaawi; “The Legacy of Mubarak Still Rules Egypt” by Abdou Moussa; “The WTO from the Perspective of Developing Countries” by Noureddine Daoudi; “Hamas between Efforts to Politicize the Court and the Requirements of Justice” by Adib Ziadah; “The Shebaa Operation: A Restrained Response from Hezbollah” by the ACRPS Policy Analysis Unit; “Voting Patterns in Israel and Shifts in Israeli Society: the Model of the 2013 Elections” by Imtans Shehadeh;  ”Trends in University Youth in Participation in the Algerian Presidential Elections” by Abdel Halim Mahorbashah; and “Trends in Palestinian Public Opinion towards Democracy” by Isra Batayneh.  

In its section of book reviews, the thirteenth issue of Siyasat Arabia features Nerouz Satiik’s presentation of Muamar Khauli’s book Turkish-Russian Relations: From the Heritage of the Past to the Horizons of the FutureBaaliousaid Ahmed’s review  of Qassem Hajjaj’s Dawn of the New Globalization; Khaled Waleed Mahmoud’s review of Muhannad Mustafa’s book, The Israeli Academy as Institution: Knowledge, Politics and Economics; Muhannad Mustafa’s review of the book The Arab Spring, Democracy and Security: Domestic and International Repercussions, a book edited by Ephraim Abnar. This issue of Siyasat Arabia also contains, in its reports section, testimony by former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Libya, Tarek Mitri.


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