The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has launched an audio channel on SoundCloud to facilitate access to its extensive production in seminars, lectures, conferences and other events for researchers, academics and all those interested in the various branches of social sciences and humanities. The audio channel will join the Arab Center's website, YouTube channel, and specialized periodical websites and platforms on social media in investing humanities and social sciences resources into expanding the stock of Arab cultural capital.

The channel provides an audio archive of the Arab Center's production, enabling followers to easily search, access and listen to what they are interested in. The channel will be launched initially with 47 audio items, with the entirety of the Center's previous production to be gradually added, categorized under different headings according to topic so as to cover the breadth of the fields of social and human sciences that fall within the scope of the Center's interests.

The Arab Center SoundCloud channel provides users with easy access to audio materials, with each item accompanied by a brief description identifying and introducing its subject.

The Arab Center invites all researchers and academics to subscribe to its SoundCloud channel, and to continue to follow the on-going expansion of the archive. Wishing to positively interact with its audience, the Arab Center welcomes receipt of all inquiries and proposals, through the channel's dedicated message box and the various social media platforms.

You can visit the Center's channel here.