The Arab Center is Holding a workshop titled Forced Migration in Arab Countries on 30 November 2019 in Doha. Arab researchers and academics specialized in forced migration, asylum and internal displacement resulting from conflicts in Arab countries will be participating.

In the context of studying the major transformations that Arab societies have witnessed over the last two decades, whether in the quest for democratization, or the ethnic and sectarian conflicts that have flared during this period and their aftermath, the Arab Center has dedicated this workshop to discuss forced migration and displacement. This includes studying internal displacement and the consequent societal changes, which is linked to politicized and deliberate population changes, as well as asylum and resettlement in other countries, the possibility of integration into host communities, and prospects of repatriation.

Since the interest in this phenomenon is dominated by local and international organizations, institutions and bodies concerned with confronting and proposing solutions to the issue, relief and humanitarian efforts, its outputs take the shape of policy reports with recommendations for decision-makers and concerned parties. This workshop seeks to make an academic contribution to the study of forced migration in Arab countries, with a focus on countries where this phenomenon has intensified over the last two decades (Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen).

Around 20 academic papers, produced by researchers from all Arab countries, will be presented at the workshop, covering all these topics, over seven sessions, in addition to a round table discussing "humanitarian action on forced displacement". Please find the background paper attached.