As the first anniversary of the October 17 uprising approaches, Lebanon is falling into a deeper crisis, with the Lebanese authorities helpless to stop economic-financial collapse and the consequences on the lives of the Lebanese people, and with the apparent inability to form a government heralded by the French initiative. These two matters demonstrate the crisis of governance and the failure of the sectarian quota system enshrined by the Taif Agreement, putting the Lebanese state and society at the mercy of the ruling sectarian political class.

In contrast, the opposition groups that emerged from the 17 October uprising have not been able, within a year of taking to the streets, to form a balanced pressure force that would allow them to reach government institutions in order to launch a path to democratic change correct national imbalances. In light of what has happened over the past year, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies discussed the state of Lebanon in a virtual seminar spanning three sessions under the title “The future of the Lebanese Crisis and Potential Exit Routes”

The first session was held on Tuesday, 13 October, titled "Is there a possibility to change the sectarian system in Lebanon, and is this the only way out of the crisis?" This was followed by a second session on Wednesday, 14 October, "Can the economy be separated from politics and embarking on saving reforms for the economy before the political change in the methods and the system of government?" The third and final session, "Are there international and regional conditions to Lebanon Exiting its Political Impasse?" took place on Thursday, 15 October.

A group of intellectuals, media professionals, academics, and experts in politics and economics participated in these sessions, drawing a roadmap for Lebanese reform and renewal, starting from dismantling the sectarian system. They suggested appealing to the new popular mood with early parliamentary elections and providing economic relief as an entry point for progressive political change.