The ACRPS's preparatory committee for the second conference on "Islamist Movements and Democratic Governance: Questions of Citizenship, Nation, and State," has concluded the first stage of its work, which involved the reviewing of academic papers submitted to ACRPS. The committee also laid down the preliminary program of the conference agenda. The committee received 297 proposals, 39 of which were approved following a rigorous review process.

The conference will be held September 28-29, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Doha, with 40 scholars attending, along with prominent academic and cultural figures from the Arab world in attendance as speakers or guests. Due to the large number of participants, two sessions following different themes will be held at the same time. The ten sessions cover the following themes: Islamic thought and the concept of the State; Islamic thought and citizenship; the concept of the state within the Arab and international context; Islamic thought and citizenship in the experiences of Islamic movements; the nation and the state in Islamic historical experience, democracy, citizenship and the civilian state, and Islamic movements and the concept of nation, in addition to other minor topics.

All sessions will be held in Lusil 1 and Lusil 2 at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Doha. Sessions start at 9:00 am, Saturday September 28 and conclude at 6:00 pm Sunday September 29, 2013.