The History of Ten Arab Public Universities

07 October, 2018

A comparative study of Arab government universities is urgently needed. The aim of the book Biographies of Ten Arab Government Universities, published recently by the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies, is to familiarize the reader with various issues by looking at teaching staff, students and administration, proceeding from the hypothesis that the similarity in the conditions of Arab countries reflects a similarity in the condition of their universities as government institutions.

This book (608 pp.) consists of ten studies which represent a representative sample of official university education. These studies were discussed in a seminar held on the campus of the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies in Beirut held to discuss the conditions of Arab government universities, opening the door wide to many questions calling for studies to deal with current problems and issues such as: What are the reasons that have led to the retreat and decline in the level of university education? What are the policies that have been followed to distinguish between science branches and social and humanities branches? What is the role that they have played in spreading knowledge? What is the condition of scientific research? What are the external scientific and cognitive factors influencing the gaining of global experience?

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