Salih Saib al-Jabbouri: Palestine’s Plight: Political and Military Secrets

07 May, 2014

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has recently published a new book by Salih Saib al-Jabbouri, entitled Palestine’s Plight: Political and Military Secrets (654 pages). Al-Jabbouri, who was the chief of staff of the Iraqi Army at the time of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, provides a detailed account of the key events of the war in his book, making it an important landmark in the writing of Arab military history, specifically Iraq’s military, and a major contribution to the history of contemporary Palestine. The book corrects many inaccurate but widespread accounts found in Arabic writing about the role of the Arab armies in the war, including the falsehood that “there were no orders”. Al-Jabbouri illuminates a historical truth, a step toward informing a vital awareness of this major milestone in Arab history. The book includes a historical presentation on the cause of Palestine, as well as Zionism and the British Mandate period. It explores the political developments leading up to the outbreak of fighting in Palestine in the aftermath of the 1947 Partition decision, and details the military movements of the Iraqi Army and the battles it fought up until the signing of the armistice agreements and the delivery of the Palestinian territories to the Jordanian Army. Lastly, the book offers insight into the tri-partite Suez attack against Egypt in 1956 and the 1967 War, accompanied by reports, appendices, charts, and maps.

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