24 August, 2017

First Published in January 2015,
Ostour is the peer-reviewed bi-annual journal dedicated to historical studies, published by the ACRPS. The periodical adheres to stringent ethical code to guide its publication and the relationship between the journal and the researchers. The title, Ostour, is inspired by the linguistic and Quranic overtones of its Arabic root letters, and the Greek words istoria, istor, istorein , which serve as the historical root r “rr” n   The connotations of the name Ostour are foundational, set in firm linguistic and semantic ground. The name also hints at the conceptual-lexical distinction between ustour, al-ustourah, and al-astarah in current Arabic usage or in cultural criticism and the social sciences. Also related, the word “n” ra n   ra ana a ar an n     semantic narrative, has developed a sense of contradicting written historical science, which is aimed at dismantling myth; in languages other than Arabic, however, it retained the meaning of writing history. The return to the old Arabic roots of ustour, al-ustourah, and al-astarah serves to root, consolidate, and mainstream the idea of writing in historical time, and in the historical time of the Arabs and the Muslims in particular. Consequently, we adopt the name Ostour with the lexical meaning provided by the Holy Quran (w-alqalam wa ma arn an   mrn na mann  rm a nan r a “ ra r” a ar from interrupting the early Arab achievements in writing history, will continue, renew, and expand these as a basis for new creativity. ​

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