Nigel Gibson's "Fanon: The Post-Colonial Imagination"-A Translation

30 May, 2013

The ACRPS has published a new Arabic translation of Nigel Gibson's Fanon: The Post-Colonial Imagination (358 pp. in Arabic), the first book in the Tarjuman series, a project of the ACRPS' Book Translation Unit. Gibson's book, translated by Khaled Ayed Abu Hudaib and reviewed by Dr. Fayiz Suyyagh, explores a number of critical turning points in Fanon's political and intellectual life. It also touches on the philosophical influences that define Fanon's life work. In doing so, the book sheds light on Fanon's personal life and political struggles as an African physician born in Martinique, and a French national who fought in the front lines of Algeria's struggle for independence.

This book unravels the complex identity of the author of The Wretched of the Earth, and underscores the influence intellectuals played not only in national liberation movements, but also in the development of a national consciousness among colonized people. Such a consciousness was aimed at dispelling the notions implanted by colonialism in the minds of those colonized.

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